Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

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Silicone Scrubbing Gloves
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Safe and Durable Silicone Saves You Time and Money

There are multiple benefits of using silicone gloves as a handy household cleaner. Silicone is widely known as a non-stick material, so these Showcase Silicone Scrubber Cleaning Gloves will not adhere to stainless steel pots and utensils, automotive tools, or barbecue accessories. Most silicones also feature natural thermal resistance, so there’s no need to worry about hot water or even super-hot pans. Although we don’t recommend grabbing a hot pot or grill straight off the flames, our Silicone Scrubber Cleaning Gloves can help prevent accidental burns.

The practical glove form makes it even easier to clean, as there’s no need for a separate sponge or washcloth. In fact, the silicone rubber gloves themselves act as your cleaning sponge, as well as protect the skin of your hands from constant water saturation when washing dishes. To experience even more of the scrub-like qualities, the palm side of the cleaning gloves features hundreds of bristles that dislodge stuck-on food and debris from your plates or cookware. This piece-of-mind allows you to keep kitchen products longer and make cleaning more efficient.

Silicone Bristles Make Handy Household Helpers

Soft bristles such as the ones on our Silicone Scrubber Cleaning Gloves serve other purposes in addition to cleaning your dishes and metal appliances or utensils. The hundreds of tightly packed bristles are great for quick dusting or picking up excess hair from carpets and floors. This method works best on hardwood floors or linoleum, such as in kitchens and dens. But perhaps the best and most well-known non-cleaning use for silicone gloves with bristles is for grooming pets.

A Grooming Tool Your Pet Will Love

Using silicone gloves to help groom pets serves multiple purposes. First, premium high-quality material such as what our Silicone Scrubber Cleaning Gloves are made from act as a natural “magnet” for picking up loose dog hair or cat hair. Especially when using the gloves to brush your dog or cat, you’ll find loose hair comes off easily and neatly, and without harming your pet. In fact, silicone bristles as soft as these can be quite soothing to pets. The feeling they’ll experience as the gloves work their way around the fur will leave your pet purring with delight or wagging their tail in happiness.

In addition, using the cleaning gloves for pet grooming can bring you closer to your pet, as an intimate bonding moment. They also act as a calming agent when your pet is stressed, perhaps during loud fireworks outside or after a trip to the vet. They’re especially important at the change of seasons, when pets shed their coats and begin to leave hair all over your home. And the bristle action can help improve your dog or cat’s skin health as well.

Product Highlights

  • Durable design
  • Heat resistance up to 160°C/320°F
  • Multiple use: kitchen, washing dishes, fruit & vegetable cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bedroom, removing wardrobe dust, care for pet hair, washing your car, and more!
  • Perfect for cooking and barbecuing
  • Amazing for gripping tools
  • 100% silicone
  • Size: 13.6" x 6.5" (34.54cm x 16.51cm)

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